In 2020, we established a strategic partnership with Interactive Media Solution LLC, which led to the launch of the Wide platform – an innovative video on demand platform that we were able to bring to market in just two months. The Wide platform offers a rich and diverse range of content, including live TV channels, movies, series, and live events.


System built with modern solutions.

We continuously develop the Wide app to ensure users have access to the highest quality content.

Clear content library

The contents are organised in an easy-to-navigate way, with categories and filtering options that allow for quick discovery of interesting genres, series or movies. The library is supported by clear metadata.

High-quality streaming

Smooth streaming of high-resolution images without interruptions or buffering, even with a weaker internet connection. Wide also provides an optimal visual and auditory experience thanks to the availability of content in 4K.

Multi-device availability

The applications are available on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs, providing convenience and flexibility in choosing the location and method of media consumption.

User engagement

In-app messages and push notifications boost user engagement.

Promoting new content, notifications about premieres, and encouraging subscriptions are just some of the possibilities for using notifications.

Wide - Tailored Technology

Our VOD app uses advanced technologies for superior streaming and interactivity, including cloud solutions.

Our platform features seamless integration with leading DRM systems, including Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay. We offer a diverse range of VOD services, such as TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, and PPV. Customers have the flexibility to choose from multiple payment gateways, such as PayPal, PayTabs, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Our platform is equipped with Geoblock technology, backed by the precise GeoIP2 Anonymous IP Database, to manage access to VOD materials and live channels. Additionally, we provide an advanced analytics and tracking module to monitor engagement and performance.

Platform based on Google Cloud

Our solution is based on Google Cloud and offers infinite scalability. This approach brings a number of significant advantages, such as flexibility in managing the growth of users and data without the risk of overloading the system. By utilising Google Cloud infrastructure, we guarantee the highest level of data security, global availability of services, and cost optimization.

Arabic language support

In all Wide applications, we ensure proper RTL (Right To Left) text display.

Our advanced search and sorting algorithms are meticulously adapted to accommodate the unique specifics of the Arabic language, including the precise handling of diacritical marks.

Flexible design system

Thanks to our proprietary library of components and design principles, our teams can create new products faster and more efficiently. Users receive consistent and intuitive experiences, which translates into satisfaction with using the interface.

Part of Wide Khaliji design system created by Proexe

Built on our custom VOD platform

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