The platform is a product of passion and the result of years of hard work by a large team. It is a mature product, yet still holds potential for further development. Proexe's solution meets its set objectives, has been successfully implemented, and is operational with various multimedia content providers. Its adaptability and performance have made it a preferred choice in the competitive digital landscape.


Versatile architecture

Universal Architecture and Configuration Flexibility: From E2E to Operator Solutions

System architecture and full configuration flexibility cater to a wide range of needs, from end-to-end (E2E) service builders starting from scratch, through clients modernising an existing system with the option to retain some components and integrate them with the Blue Online system, to operator-grade solutions that can be customised for specific client requirements.

We deliver audiovisual content through broadband networks in any business model, offering on-demand services: FVOD, TVOD, AVOD, SVOD. Additionally, live broadcasts are a key component, including sports, concerts, and socio-cultural events. Access to these contents is facilitated through models like PPV and TV Live. Our solutions provide a wide range of choices and flexibility for users.

Key facts:

Universal Compatibility

Our service provides easy access to content across a wide range of devices

This service is accessible on a variety of devices, including computers, tablets, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, iOS and Android mobiles, Roku, Amazon Fire, and STB boxes.

Intuitive UX

Intuitive UX in the app allows users to navigate and use features seamlessly, significantly increasing their satisfaction

We utilise the best solutions, focusing on creating an intuitive and seamless user experience. Personalised recommendations based on viewing history, quick access to recently watched titles and favourite series, adaptive streaming, and the ability to personalise settings such as language or subtitles are just some of the solutions we implement.

Personalised appearance and branding

Our VOD system is designed with quick and easy front-end customization in mind for our clients, allowing them to adjust the application's appearance to meet their branding needs. We offer advanced configuration options for selected content, enabling clients to tailor their offerings to the expectations of their audience precisely. Furthermore, our system facilitates easy integration with external systems, expanding functionality and enhancing the added value for end-users. With these capabilities, clients can swiftly and effectively customise applications to fully match the specifics of their business and their users' preferences.

Custom development
Custom development
Google Cloud
Google Cloud
User Experience Design
User Experience Design


Our platform offers a wide range of payment systems, including PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Store Payment, Blik, eService, Autopay and Przelewy24, providing users with flexibility and convenience in transactions, ensuring a seamless payment experience for every customer preference.

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