Discover Red GO, an innovative VOD platform that merges a library of classic cinema with the latest premieres. It's the perfect destination for fans of both timeless movies and contemporary hits, targeted at the Polish market. Red GO also stands out with access to live channels - Red Carpet TV and Red Top TV - as well as Pay-Per-View (PPV) options providing personalised entertainment.

Blockbusters in one VOD app

RedGo - user-friendly interface

User satisfaction plays a crucial role in the success of VOD applications , which is why our product maximises positive user experiences.

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

The application features a clean, organized interface that facilitates navigation for users. Large, clear thumbnails of titles, clearly labeled categories make finding an interesting movie or series quick and hassle-free.

Easy resumption of viewing

The application remembers where the user left off watching, allowing for easy resumption of viewing from the "continue watching" section. Additionally, reminders about new episodes of favourite series or movie premieres are available.

Fast buffering and adaptive streaming

The application adjusts the streaming quality based on the user's internet speed, resulting in minimal buffering times and smooth playback, ensuring uninterrupted viewing even with fluctuating internet connections.

RedGo - convenience for entertainment enthusiasts
RedGo - convenience for entertainment enthusiasts

Utilizing gestures

Mobile apps utilize intuitive gestures for easy content navigation.

Tap-to-play/pause, swiping to collapse descriptions, and adjusting volume and brightness are just a few examples that benefit from gesture control.

Red Go - based on modern technologies

The technologies used improve app quality and align with business needs, protecting materials and increasing profits.

Our platform incorporates two DRM systems, Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay. We offer flexible payment options, including Direct Carrier Billing and Autopay payment provider (Card, BLIK, fast transfers). Our content is available in various purchase formats such as Single, Series (with or without Seasons), Collections, and Carnets. Our website is designed using RWD technology for optimal viewing across devices. Additionally, our SyncManager feature expertly handles time zone differences and customizes the EPG according to user preferences.

Mobile applications written using Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP)

The above solution ensures consistency of business logic, reduces code redundancy which has lowered project costs, and also resulted in a faster market launch of the application. Additionally, it should be emphasized that the above approach contributes to easier maintenance and updates of RedGO.

Extensive reports

Reports on viewership and user behaviour play a fundamental role in our client's strategy.

Therefore, our advanced analytics system gathers all relevant data, including the number of content plays, average viewing time of VOD materials and live broadcasts, total amount of time spent watching content, the number of transactions made by users and other significant information supporting business decision-making.

Flexible design system

Thanks to our proprietary library of components and design principles, our teams can create new products faster and more efficiently. Users receive consistent and intuitive experiences, which translates into satisfaction with using the interface.

Part of RedGO design system created by Proexe

Built on our custom VOD platform

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