VOD Warszawa

Proexe built a VOD platform for the city of Warsaw for years 2021-2023, launched and supervised by a cultural institution Centrum Kultury Filmowej im. Andrzeja Wajdy. It was the unique solution on the market, combining live broadcasts from theaters, festivals, the possibility of virtual visits to Warsaw museums and a VOD library containing films from the classics of Polish cinema. Our platform responds to the needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and allows access to cultural institutions with the highest level of image quality and comfort of use.


Available on many types of devices

Website supported also in RWD mode, on Android and iOS phones, tablets and TVs, as well as on Smart TV providing coverage for 99% of commonly used devices

Website versatility

Supported were all popular browsers in several of the latest versions, both on computers (Windows, macOS) and mobile devices (Android, iOS), with a warranty for the newest.

Mobile native

Native Android and iOS applications ready to install straight from the Google Play and Apple Store. Support for the last 3 versions with a warranty for the next ones.

Smart TV’s

Application for TVs with Android TV and tvOS, with warranty for the last 3 versions and next ones. In 2021 applications for Samsung (Tizen OS) and LG (WebOS) were provided and supported.

VOD Warszawa supports many types of user devices
VOD Warszawa supports many types of user devices


Supported accessibility for people with disabilities of many kinds

Ensured visual and audio accessibility in many aspects - UX interface, colors, sound, subtitles, content accessibility, as well as code itself, making the application ready for content-reading applications.

As part of the launch in 2023, the system successfully passed a professional, multi-faceted WCAG audit.

A variety of forms for posted content

Available as VoD for movies or TV series, LIVE events, Exhibitions or even Articles.

Forms of VoD as stand-alone movies, collections or TV series, both in audiovisual and audio-only. Additionally available live events (online live stream with live chat), exhibitions (360 graphics and video with many galleries) and articles (text and multimedia). All content is available for free or with paid access. Flexible promotional module with many different discounts, product groups and user targeting. Forms of payment in the form of a one-time purchase, as well as subscriptions, passes or even the use of an internal wallet or cash vouchers. All this makes it possible to construct almost any sales model.

Passes sales supports LIVE events such as festivals

The possibility of selling many products as a Pass under one payment and at a promotional price, and then the possibility to select content according to individual needs, supports the user's full freedom in selecting content according to his or her individual interests.

Multiple content providers

Support and independent access for external content providers.

The ability to share content with external suppliers who have control over their own content, while centrally controlling the presentation of content on the portal's pages, is new opportunities to expand the content offer and reach a wider audience.

Design created for the client

The entire UI and UX design, content layout, and option arrangement were fully created to address the specific needs of the client and to achieve his goals. As part of the project, the copyright was transferred to the client so that in further work he could fully rely on the value already created.

VOD Warszawa design system created by Proexe

Built on our custom VOD platform

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