In collaboration with Kino Odeon, we developed a VOD platform for movie premieres, accessible on web and mobile, meeting user needs in Poland. Originating from a cinema owner's idea in Sochaczew, it quickly met client and user expectations, offering easy access to a variety of films, including art house productions.


Convenient content access with user-friendly experience.

Thanks to applications, users can enjoy movie premieres anywhere and anytime without the need to visit cinemas.

Convenient search

Search based on various criteria, such as title, genre, year of production, cast, product descriptions. Suggestions for results for phrases entered with errors.

Chromecast support

Applications allow users to cast content to TVs and other Chromecast-enabled devices, providing the freedom to watch materials on a larger screen.

Seamless payments

In the VOD application, a simple purchasing process has been implemented, ensuring users a hassle-free experience when making transactions.

Odeon - personal cinema open 24/7
Odeon - personal cinema open 24/7

Content availability

The system allows for setting separate visibility and availability schedules.

The applications clearly and comprehensively display information about the availability of materials. Additionally, they clearly define whether materials are free or paid.

Odeon - a collection of modern tools

The application uses the latest technologies, enhancing performance and user experience.

Facilitating registration through Facebook, Google, or a conventional registration form. Seamless integration with leading DRM systems (Google Widevine, Apple Fairplay, Microsoft PlayReady), ensuring top-notch security measures. Smooth integration with payment gateways such as Autopay and Blik. Geoblocking supported by a meticulous IP database: GeoIP2 Anonymous IP Database for VOD content.

Efficient management of the video library

Adding and editing content, providing tools for categorising video content according to various criteria such as genre, year of production, director, cast, scheduling publication, access rights management, analysis and reporting are just some of the options offered by the content management system.

Support for users

Users can easily contact technical support in case of issues by using the contact form.

Technical support can easily respond to user inquiries from within our CMS, which streamlines the process of managing tickets. This significantly improves response times and customer satisfaction.

Flexible design system

Thanks to our proprietary library of components and design principles, our teams can create new products faster and more efficiently. Users receive consistent and intuitive experiences, which translates into satisfaction with using the interface.

Part of Odeon design system created by Proexe

Built on our custom VOD platform

Blue Online is a tool for creating your own video-on-demand (VOD) content, TV channels, or sharing audio content. It's also a platform that enables the streaming of exciting esports content and the production of films, which can be targeted at students, customers, and new employees alike. Furthermore, for companies that already have their own VOD platform, Blue Online offers the opportunity for modernization and adaptation to the latest, highest standards.

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