Custom development

Benefit from our comprehensive custom software development to access the most competitive solutions. Our meticulous approach ensures that every project is tailored to your specific requirements, delivering optimal results.

What we do best

Kotlin Multiplatform

With over 5 years of experience in creating and delivering industry-ready products using Kotlin Multiplatform, we have effectively elevated efficiency and productivity for mobile and web development. Throughout this journey, Proexe has trusted Kotlin Multiplatform from the beginning and has successfully assisted numerous clients who have relied on our expertise. Whether developing new products directly with a team of Proexe experts on board or enhancing existing teams with our support to leverage or adapt Kotlin Multiplatform in a project, our clients have benefited from the technology ecosystem in numerous ways, from improved quality and overall happiness to reduced development costs.

Android box

As a trusted Google Android TV Global Partner, Proexe has collaborated with a variety of TV providers worldwide. We specialise in building software for Android TV, including applications and custom TV launchers, the latter being our true passion. With a team of experts on board, we can quickly build a project from the ground up with all the functionalities a custom TV launcher requires. Having spent years in the OTT industry, Proexe has helped our clients not only with building the software needed for an OTT platform but also with acquiring the necessary hardware to launch a product. We provide a comprehensive solution for clients looking to introduce a custom TV launcher to the market.

What else we do

With our own in-house team of well-educated and experienced specialists, we created applications that are used by over 5 millions of users around the world.

Development  for  Android
(also Android Wear, Android TV, OTT TV BOX ANDROID, Kotlin Multiplatform)

Programming for Android offers a large market reach due to its popularity and open-source nature.

Development  for  iOS
(also Apple Watch, Apple TV)

iOS development provides access to a lucrative market and streamlined development process, thanks to Apple's ecosystem and comprehensive development tools.

UX and UI Design

We create intuitive and visually appealing digital experiences that resonate with users. By focusing on user needs, we craft interfaces that enhance usability and engagement, leading to higher user satisfaction and retention.


With HTML, CSS and React JS combined, we have power to create visually appealing, responsive, and scalable websites and applications.


From the backend side, we use PHP Laravel. It is a popular backend framework for building robust and scalable web applications.


We use Google Cloud Platform due to its scalability, performance, and advanced security features. We can easily enhance application performance, and safeguard data against cyber threats.

Technologies we use
Why we use them
To lower the costs
We have experts on board who are proficient in various cross platform technologies. Using cross platform technologies we aim to lower the cost of development without compromising on quality. Our experts focus on writing solid and maintainable code no matter what technology we use, but leveraging a cross platform approach they can really focus on what matters, embracing the quality of what we create. 
Easy to maintain
We write our code with maintenance and automation in mind. We focus on having code that is easy to maintain, extend and change. As we are using a lot of tooling to enhance productivity using CI/CD solutions to automate not only the day to day development but also release processes we can deliver fast anytime. Working with us you can benefit from having our setup onboard to leverage that yourself or utilise it with our help to deliver your product to clients faster.
Deliver fast
We are dedicated to agile and our technological stack allows us to embrace that fully. Working in cross platform environments we can adapt to changes easily by developing multiple platforms at the same time. This in combination with our release management patterns allows us to develop and deploy in a lightning fast manner, so you will not have to wait to see your product grow or wait to have its changes being applied to it.

How we do it

We prioritize flexibility in our software development process, ensuring our solutions adapt to your specific needs and expectations. Our approach is tailored to meet your challenges head-on, delivering software with agility and precision, guaranteeing that not only meets but exceeds your requirements.

Good analysis is the cornerstone of delivering software that precisely meets your needs.
Effective UX/UI visualization brings Your software's user experience to life.
We use the optimal technology stack for your product, ensuring the best performance.
Agile approch
Our agile approach ensures flexible adaptation to meet your expectations.
Quality Assurance
High-level testing is essential to making your product flawless and reliable.
CI/CD streamlines development, ensuring faster, more reliable releases to you.
What makes us stand out

At Proexe, we go the extra mile by providing comprehensive post-launch support. We ensure compatibility across multiple device types and offer service level agreements (SLAs) and server monitoring.

We’ve got your back

We can swiftly fix any bugs and maintain a flawless user experience. We also organize all documentation and scale horizontally to accommodate user base growth seamlessly.

We create custom IT solutions

Are you interested in cooperation? Let's combine our knowledge to achieve greatness. Contact us today to explore exciting opportunities!
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