Telgani, the Middle East's car-sharing leader, partnered with Proexe to create a seamless rental experience. Explore how innovation drives success.


Seamless Reservation Experience

Book your ride effortlessly with Telgani's intuitive platform. Choose from thousands of vehicles across the Middle East and embark on your journey hassle-free.

User-Friendly Interface

Streamlined booking process ensures quick and convenient reservations, whether through our mobile app, website, or airport kiosks.

Flexible Options

Select from daily reservations, multi-month subscriptions, or leasing agreements tailored to your travel needs.

Personalized Service

Enjoy the convenience of office pickup or delivery by our drivers, equipped with a special app for seamless coordination.

Telgani App design
Telgani App design

Car Rental

Your Way

Flexible terms for every need

Renting a car has never been so easy! With just a few clicks in the app, you can choose the perfect option for you: short-term rental, long-term, or maybe leasing? Add additional options such as door-to-door delivery, pick-up from you, insurance or a child seat, and you're done! We're here to match your needs and make renting a car the easiest experience you can imagine.

Powering innovation through custom software development

We built a suite of web and mobile apps to streamline operations, enhance the user experience, and empower Telgani to scale their business.

Our custom software development solutions for Telgani include a user-friendly booking app for iOS and Android, a robust web app for desktop bookings and account management, a driver's app for efficient car delivery and management, and a React admin panel for centralized control and monitoring.

Goals Achieved

Our goals? To build an application that not only supports Telgani's business goals, but also provides customers with an exceptional car rental experience. Using the latest technology and hexagonal architecture, we created a system tailored to even the most demanding users. Today Telgani is a leader in the car sharing industry, and our customers appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of our application.

In-house Driver's License Scanning

Seamless and secure onboarding.

We developed a custom driver's license scanning feature within our mobile app. This eliminates the need for third-party services and enhances data security. Customers can quickly and easily upload their driver's license information directly in the app, streamlining the onboarding process.

Hexagonal Architecture

When designing Telgani, we took on the responsibility of creating an application that was easy to deploy, maintain and test. We understood that our application had a growing potential that would require scalability while keeping the code simple. That's why we opted for a hexagonal architecture that ensures all these requirements are met. The application's components are loosely coupled, allowing us to easily add new features and microservices. All this with minimal maintenance costs and ease of implementation for developers.

Telgani Hexagonal Architecture

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Unlock your product's potential with Proexe. Our expertise in Android and iOS development ensures market reach and streamlined processes. Using HTML, CSS, React JS, and PHP Laravel, we craft visually stunning experiences. With Google Cloud Platform, security and scalability are guaranteed. Plus, our agile approach means fast, flexible development.

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