Kotlin Multiplatform

Unlock the power of Kotlin Multiplatform, enabling code sharing and native performance across mobile, TV, and desktop. Trust our expertise to deliver robust, high-quality applications efficiently.

Core Features

Code Sharing

Kotlin Multiplatform enables you to write and maintain common code for multiple platforms. This shared code typically includes business logic, networking, data management, and other non-UI elements. By sharing these parts of the codebase, development time is significantly reduced, and consistency across platforms is improved.

Native Performace

Unlike traditional cross-platform frameworks, Kotlin Multiplatform compiles down to native binaries for each platform. This means your application can leverage the full power of native performance, ensuring smooth and responsive user experiences on all devices.


Kotlin Multiplatform offers a unique level of flexibility by allowing developers to write platform-specific code when necessary. This means you can take full advantage of platform-specific APIs and features without compromising the shared logic.

Sharing the code

Success Stories

By leveraging Kotlin Multiplatform with custom UI modules, we are thriving in the demanding VOD market by ensuring smooth native behaviors across all platforms: Android, Android TV, iOS, and tvOS. In our Blue Online product, using shared business logic has significantly reduced development time and maintenance costs while providing the best user experience.

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Modern apps need to be flexible to accommodate new business decisions. Adapting to rapidly changing business requirements demands significant maintenance time and effort. Our reliable project architecture ensures that elements prone to change are consolidated into a single module, managed by a single developer. This approach provides a significant efficiency gain compared to single-platform development.

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Creating with Kotlin Multiplatform

With our own in-house team of well-educated and experienced specialists, we created applications that are used by over 5 millions of users around the world.

Our custom architecture seamlessly integrates with the latest platform frameworks and establishes clear boundaries between modules to manage data flow efficiently.

This approach allows us to maintain a well-tested and structured codebase.
As a result, we deliver high-performance applications that are easy to maintain and scale.

Building the native user interface in platform-specific modules ensures the highest performance of platform components.

This approach takes full advantage of each platform's unique capabilities and optimizations.
As a result, users experience smooth and responsive interactions tailored to their specific device.

Effortless maintenance and deployment are achieved by managing all platforms in a single repository.

This unified approach streamlines version control and collaboration among developers.
Consequently, updates and new features can be rolled out more efficiently and consistently across all platforms.

Technologies we use
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Why we use them
Custom Development
Tailored Kotlin Multiplatform solutions designed to meet specific business needs and requirements. Our team works closely with you to develop robust and scalable applications across multiple platforms, ensuring alignment with your strategic objectives and delivering superior user experiences.
Support and Migration Services
Assistance in migrating existing projects to Kotlin Multiplatform. Our experienced developers ensure a smooth transition while preserving functionality and enhancing performance. We provide comprehensive support throughout the migration process, addressing any challenges and optimizing the codebase for improved efficiency and maintainability.
Expert guidance on adopting Kotlin Multiplatform in your projects. We provide strategic advice and feasibility assessments to help you make informed decisions. Our team collaborates closely with yours to tailor Kotlin Multiplatform solutions that align with your project goals and maximize efficiency. Additionally, we offer ongoing support to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance across platforms.

Benefits of coding with us

As active members of the robust Kotlin Multiplatform community, we deepen our understanding of every technology we employ.
We specialize in reducing duplication and maintenance efforts by implementing architectures that leverage code sharing across platforms.
Minimizing the effort required for updating business requirements or debugging is our priority. Centralizing changes to one place reduces the likelihood of errors.
Cutting edge solutions
We stay current with the latest Kotlin Multiplatform enhancements and continuously explore new technologies to deliver innovative solutions.
Delivering a native user experience on each platform integrates the application seamlessly into the ecosystem. We are leveraging platform-specific optimizations and capabilities.
Strategically placing shared modules and defining platform boundaries ensures flexibility to accommodate platform differences where necessary.

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