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AioCare is a clinically proven professional application for healthcare professionals and patients to diagnose and monitor chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma by evaluating lung function and patient symptoms in time. The applications are intended to be used with a portable AioCare spirometer for taking measurements. The system raised its popularity especially during COVID-19 pandemic.


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Project overview

AioCare is a professional system to monitor and treat pulmonary diseases. It consists of a set of connected digital products: portable device (spirometer), mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms and web application. Build by Proexe for the start-up company HealthUp S.A.

AioCare Patient -  Flagship mobile app dedicated to the patients. Allows to set up an account, connect & control AioCare spirometer to perform a chosen diagnostic tests (forced spirometry, slow spirometry, bronchodilator test, peak flow, pulse oxymetry). Also allows patients to run a personal diary, review the results and generate reports. Account connected to a doctor within AioCare system enriches app with option to chat with a doctor and maintain a personal tailored treatment plan

AioCare Doctor - A second in command mobile application, dedicated for healthcare professionals. It allows to run expanded set of examinations.  It allows to setup patients cards or connect to existing patients accounts to enable real-time chat communication.

AioCare Panel - Web application hosted in cloud. Dedicate to healthcare professionals, as a solid expansion of AioCare Doctor functionalities. It allows to manage patients cards and deeply analyse patients tests results including detailed reports. The heart of the application is a Measurement module, which combines all medical examinations and allows to cross them in one chart. It also allows users to communicate with patients using chat module.

AioCare program example

In addition to building the foundation of the entire platform, we also had to take care of data security - especially given the sensitive nature of the medical data stored. Therefore, we created a medical database along with a content management system and the entire database along with backend services were deployed in the AWS cloud.


  • Remote communication with the portable device
  • Processing data in the real time including rendering graphs and algorithms calculations
  • Different modules - measurements, trainings, statistics, chat
  • Overview the history of measurements in the form of the lists, charts and graphs
  • Comprehensive measurement reports exportable to different formats
  • Real-time chat communication between users
  • Offline mode
  • Instant database synchronization
  • Push notifications including Firebase Cloud Messaging integration

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