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Vectra TV Online & Smart TV


We created the TV Online service for the largest provider of communication services in Poland. The service is used by approximately 400,000 users each month.


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Project overview

Vectra TV Online offers access to 140 TV channels and VOD. We used the Catch-up TV service, which allows you to watch programs up to 7 days back. The website is also adapted to the youngest viewers. Vectra TV online can be used on any mobile device: smartphone, tablet or laptop.

TV Smart is another service that we created for Vectra. The Smart 4K set-top box is a set-top box with Android TV functions operated by a Bluetooth remote control with the possibility of voice control. Its sales remain at the level of 10,000 Android Boxes sold per month.

Program screen example


  • Presence of various types of VOD services: TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, nVOD, FVOD, PPV,
  • Presence of EPG and its functionalities e.g. the possibility of notifications about the time of approaching favorite programs,
  • Integration with DRM systems (Google Widevine, Apple Fairplay, Microsoft PlayReady) - it's a guarantee of the highest safety,
  • Integration with Netflix and HBO GO.

Success story

In June 2019 VECTRA S.A. signed a contract with PROEXE sp. z o.o. for the construction of a VOD platform. Cooperation with PROEXE is exemplary, we recommend this company as a partner in the implementation of multimedia services.

Mariusz Soliwoda - Service Development Manager

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